Friday, April 18, 2014

That Was NOT a Diet Coke

I have never really understood the reason why restaurants put lemons in Diet Coke, but not in regular Coke.

Is there some unwritten rule that says this has to be done? Is it simply to keep them organized on the tray? Is it so the glasses of water with lemon don't feel they're being singled out? Truly, I have no idea.

But at lunch today, since the water came with lemon and my regular Coke did not, I squeezed the lemon into my Coke and was very much enjoying myself.

The waitress came by and asked if I'd like another glass, and I said yes. She didn't take my old glass (which still had the lemon floating in it), but brought me a brand new one. With a lemon wedge on the rim.

For about 2 seconds, I was kind of excited. I thought she'd taken the cue and decided to give my Coke it's own lemon.

Then I looked at the color of the soda. It was decidedly darker than my first Coke. Which  I knew before I even tasted it meant that the new one was a Diet Coke.

Sure enough, the first sip confirmed it for me. So I squeezed in the lemon, thinking "maybe this will help - maybe that's what I've always missed out on." Nope. Still tasted like Diet Coke. With lemon.

So I simply finished the rest of my regular Coke with lemon and decided that that was probably enough caffeine and sugar (and acid) for that part of the day.

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