Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Too Shall Pass

I really want to say that I'm sitting here looking out the window and thinking of how pretty the snow is outside. The flakes are huge, and there's a little bit of a breeze, not a wind, and so it's all just kind of floating past the windows.

It's covering up the lawn, which - after being almost completely devoid of snow just this morning - has since been pebbled with sleet. And snow is prettier than sleet. So that's nice.

I'd also love to say that, if the calendar said October, I'd be fine with it. But in October as the snow comes down and first covers the ground, I tend to think "here we go... six months of snow."

I watched the weather, tonight, to see how things are panning out for the next few days. Tonight... well... it's not looking great, but at least the worst snow is supposed to be north and east of us, and we're really "only" looking at 4-7 inches of snow.

I keep reminding myself that those are total snowfall numbers - not accumulations. Because on warm and/or treated surfaces (like roads, theoretically), much of the snow we get in the next few hours should actually melt.

A larger-than-average number of people I know seem to be taking trips this month. I keep seeing pictures of beaches and sunshine and fruity drinks. And - as we've discussed in the past - I'm happy for them. Really.

But then I look out the window and realize that the grass hasn't turned green, yet, and the trees are barely even budding, and just as I had almost started to get myself to think of how pretty it is, I think "It's the third of April!"

I know that this will go away almost as fast as it comes down. The weather guy I was just watching actually used that as part of his forecast this evening - after telling us how bad the commute could be tomorrow morning, he started pointing out that with the weekend's expected highs the snow should be gone by Saturday - Sunday at the latest. And next week we should have days in the sunny 60s.

So I know that this will be gone soon. And I know that this happens almost every year (last year, we had snow into May). But that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it as I sit here watching the pretty white snow cover the non-greening grass.

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