Monday, March 30, 2015

Grass Attack

Tonight after work, before dinner, I took advantage of the warm evening to go out and attack some of the yardwork we've been meaning to do.

Yes, I know we're not supposed to be doing yardwork, yet, but this was stuff that was either fall or spring stuff, and since we had some rain over the weekend I've been worrying that soon it would be too late.

Plus, the decorative grass next to the driveway got kind of pummelled by the snow last week and had started to droop into the driveway. I realized, yesterday, that I was actually driving over it - which meant it was time to go.

So I was out there tonight with my clippers taking it down, but it didn't want to go without a fight. The long blades were falling over and hitting me in the head. When they were cut, they didn't want to bed and go into the bag. Yes, eventually I succeeded, but I definitely had to work for it.

You see, I'm allergic to that grass. So everywhere it touched me I got a quick rash. My arms, my hands (yes, even through the gloves I was wearing), and - yes - the top of my head.

It's sad to see that area without all of the tall grass, but I know it will be back soon. And, for now, I'm just glad I survived one more seasonal chopping.

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