Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some Quick Updates

Due to the fact that it's almost 10 on a school night and I've been feeling short on sleep for the past week, tonight's blog is going to be a bulleted list of updates from topics we've already covered:

  • (See? I'm even using real bullet point markers!)
  • Nude postings are no longer going to be banned. Don't worry, I still don't plan to post anything remotely nude. 
  • I almost made it through one of this week's work projects today. I'm 20 pages shy of finishing the edit of the novel I started on Monday. That means I've edited something like 250 pages of that novel since Monday afternoon. I'd have completed it, today, but I got pulled into one half-hour meeting, and spent about 45 minutes formatting a sample chapter for an author who doesn't understand that you can just type in a Word document without having to put everything into text boxes. So... 250 pages over approximately 2 days' worth of actual work. And, yet, the most I've been able to do in a day for the behemoth is 22 pages. What is wrong with this picture? 
  • I finally used some of the pesto cubes I made last fall. They were tasty, but instead of tossing them with pasta I baked some chicken with them. So they separated. The oil went to the bottom of the pan, and the pesto solids (the basil and nut bits) just sat on top of the chicken. Tasty, but weird. 
  • We're at that point in the weather year when Minnesotans are just tired of being cold and having to dress in 82 layers. It's supposed to get really warm (like, up into the 40s or warmer) by next week. So today, of course, I saw people walking around with their coats undone and wearing no scarves or gloves - even though it was only about 4 degrees out. (I may or may not have been one of those hatless people on the way to work, but I wore one this afternoon for the dog walk.)*
Okay. That kind of gets us caught up to today.

We'll see if I can come up with anything more pithy on Friday.

*Spellcheck insists that this should either be "hapless" or "headless" - I suspect that if one led to the other, I'd still end up hatless...

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