Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Basement Bathroom Reno, Part 3 - Anchoring

I didn't mean to leave you hanging for so long about the renovations in the downstairs bathroom. But, then, I didn't expect that we'd still have it going on in June.

So here are some photos from the re-anchoring of the room. You know, the stuff that kind of makes it at least look like a bathroom again.

The wall where the sink/toilet used to be... 

Look! A shower form!

The board was being used to keep the shower base flat.

Looking in from the utility room, you can see all the new pipes. (You can also see why I'm not getting a flush-mount mirror in the new layout, since we obviously can't cut through the studs, there...)
In case you were wondering... this was about the 17th of May. In other words, about when we thought we might be done, until we found out that some pieces had been backordered.

More updates next time. (I promise.)

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