Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Frumpery

I've never been one for going out on Friday nights. I'm the kind of person who really prefers to finish a long week of work and then go home and collapse.

I might be persuaded to go out on any other weeknight - although these days that's a much earlier night than it was a few years back. But I've never really seen the draw in going out on a Friday night.

Saturday night? Sure... I could consider that - as long as I'm not expected to start the evening at 10pm or something. (Honestly... who in the world - or at least in the Midwest, where the average bedtime is 10pm - who is over the age of 25 starts their evening later than about 7pm?)

Sundays... I'm much better for brunch or an early dinner than for any time out and about. But at least I typically have the energy for a dinner out or whatever.

Fridays, though... oy... Can't we just all agree that the best way to celebrate the end of the week is with a rest?

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