Friday, June 27, 2014

Sometimes Off is the Best Bet

I've been having a few days lately where the "there's nothing on TV" bug has been hitting me pretty hard. I've actually been - gasp - turning the TV off instead of just having it drone on.

The other day, I tried to watch a movie that I'd recorded, and turned it off after about 45 minutes, just because I didn't really care about the main character.

I've even been turning off my computer earlier in the evenings. Sometimes I turn it back on to check email (or blog) before bed, but mostly I just turn it off and figure I'll deal with things the next day.

It's been kind of nice.

I've gotten through 2/3 of the book that I need to finish for my book club. I've gotten to bed on average an hour earlier than usual (one of those nights I was actually in bed reading said book for said book club). And I don't feel like I've been missing anything.

I'm sure that this will all change in a few days. I'll be back to enjoying watching nothing on TV, and searching the same websites over and over.

But, until then, I'll keep turning things off and enjoying the quiet.

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