Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Watching - The Mysteries of Laura

I'm sure that talking about this will jinx it. But since I'm amazed that it has lasted this long, I figure I'll take my chances.

You see, I've actually found a new TV show this season that I enjoy. In recent years, those have been few and far between. But I saw a story on line, today, talking about the fact that no new shows have been cancelled, yet, this season. So I'm taking my chances.

I've been watching "The Mysteries of Laura" - it's a light, relatively fluffy, yet still police-procedural show on Wednesday nights. It stars Debra Messing (she was Grace on "Will and Grace," and has had other shows since then), and has a really good mix of characters in the ensemble.

She's not the best cop. She's not the best mom. She's not always styled to the hilt, nor is she a total schlub. She's funny, brassy, and ballsy.

And the show makes me very happy when I watch it.

I highly recommend it. (And, since I've done that, I recommend that you watch it soon, because with my luck it will now disappear...)

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