Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pie Season

One of my favorite things about this time of year (referring to a generic "fall"), is that there tends to be a much higher incidence of pie.

Sure, there are pies during other seasons. Summer has the lemon pies and key lime pies and even cherry pies. In the middle of winter there are things like mincemeat pie or maybe chocolate pies.

But fall is when pie really hits its stride. Apple pie with all of its spicy goodness is amazing (I prefer the two-crust variety). Pumpkin pie, though, is my favorite.

Pumpkin, you see, has many of the other attributes all in one. It's got the creaminess of some of the summer pies, but the spiciness of some of the fall/winter pies. Plus, because most pumpkin pie recipes have a greater fruit to sugar ratio, you can almost rationalize it as being healthy. (It has eggs! It has milk! It's a health food!)

Sure, on Thanksgiving the turkey and stuffing and all that are great. But the pumpkin pie is what truly makes it for me.

And... yes... I prefer mine with Cool Whip. 

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Robin said...

I think pumpkin is also my favorite.