Friday, January 2, 2015

The One-day Work-week

The past few weeks of work have been very strange for me.

I started December with two normal weeks of M-F work. Then I was off for a week of vacation.

So far, that's not so bad, because it just meant a week off, then going back in on Monday.

But that Monday was the 22nd of December. So I worked on Monday and Tuesday, then our offices were closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And, on top of that, I drove to South Dakota for time with my family on the 26th, came back to Minneapolis on the 29th, and went back to work on the 30th.

Then we had a half-day on the 31st, were off on the 1st, and - in essence - worked a one-day work-week today before starting a new weekend.

I fully understand that, of all of the problems in the world, this does not really rank anywhere near the top. Heck, in most lists, this wouldn't even be considered a problem, let alone a ranking one.

But when you're trying to get things done - like working on projects that last more than a couple of hours (possibly edits of 300-page books) - it can really muck up your process.

(It might even make you start daydreaming about other places to be, and other things to do, just so you can get through the day... Paris, perhaps; or dinner out with friends; or, if life is really good, a daydream about dinner out with friends in Paris...)

(Not that I would ever really daydream about such things at work. After all, in this day and age, it's much easier to just google it all...)

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