Saturday, July 11, 2015

Basement Bathroom Reno, Part 6 - Ninety (or So) Percent

Much like our contractor, I realize that I have drawn out the story of the basement bathroom way too long. At first, it was because I was kind of keeping pace with the work that was going on. But then things just got crazy busy, and I missed a few blog posts, and - thankfully - the work finally got a little ahead of me. So tonight I'm going for the big reveal, instead of more work steps. 

To understand how far we've come, you have to look at where we started. For this, I refer you back to a post from mid-May: Basement Bathroom Reno, Part 1 - Before. If you click back to that, you can see what the bathroom used to look like. 

I'd like to say, before we move forward, that none of the walls were moved. The ceiling in one area was raised by about 4 inches, but that's all that was done as far as structural movement. The rest of the perceived size change is from the materials - and the removal of that massive shower stall thing. 

The ceiling no longer comes halfway down the window! (Oh... and there is now artwork on that wall, as well as a shelving unit with "drawers" in the corner.)
Yes, these photos were taken before I had "loaded in" all of my stuff, but even with stuff in there it still looks  so  much bigger!
The entire wall that the sink is on is still only about four feet wide, but the cabinet is now about 1.5 times as wide, with a bevelled mirror. It looks amazing. 
Remember how there used to be a solid drywall wall surrounding the shower? Now it's a glass cylinder with a better showerhead - and the drain is actually connected to the pipes (unlike the last one)!
And have we discussed the floor, yet? The tile guys (who also did the walls), did an incredible job on the floor. We designed the pattern, and they implemented it. 
There are still some things that need to be finished, but I've been able to use the "new" bathroom for the past week and it's proving to be (almost) worth the 2.5 months' that it took. 

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Robin said...

It really is lovely - and very comfortable, too! Very worth the wait..almost. :-)

Thanks for letting us help break it in while we were there!