Monday, July 13, 2015

Movie-ish Monday - "Girl Meets World"

I fully admit it, and I am not ashamed to do so: I watch "Girl Meets World" on the Disney Channel.

If you've never heard of it... well... I'm not overly surprised. It's a spin-off (16 or so years after the fact) of "Boy Meets World," which was all about watching this awkward kid go through junior high and high school (and college), surviving by his own wits - but also great support from family and friends. It was never about fitting in with the crowd. It was always about creating your own space and letting people crowd in around you.

I liked that. And so I thought I'd try out the new series when it premiered last year.

It was okay. The "boy" from the original series is now the dad. And his girlfriend (they got married in the final season) is now the mom. And they are raising two kids of their own. Pretty basic. I watched a few episodes and then kind of forgot about it.

Then, while travelling back and forth across the Atlantic last spring, I watched a few episodes of it during that point in the flight when I couldn't sleep but also couldn't focus long enough to watch a movie. And I got hooked.

So I've been watching it and using the TiVo to try to get caught up on it. And I'm becoming more and more impressed by it.

"Girl Meets World" is quirky and silly, and fluffy and tear-jerky, but it's also about being yourself and finding the friends who will let you do that - even when you disagree with each other.

And - even cooler - they've been bringing in characters from the original series. Of course, we expected the immediate family to show up, and even some of the original "best friends" types, but we've been seeing all sorts of people, and they've been adding really great depth to the show.

I have no idea how long it will be on the air. Typically, when I blog about a TV show it goes away pretty quickly. But I hope this one sticks around. I think they've got some great potential places to go in the world.

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