Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday

There is something about not getting enough sleep at night that makes the ensuing days exponentially worse than they ought to be.

Two nights ago, I stayed up late to watch Curiosity land on Mars. Or, rather, I stayed up late to watch people in the control room watch Curiosity land on Mars. But even they weren't truly watching it happen, because we weren't seeing any images. And even if there had been images, I think they said that all communications were taking about 14 minutes to get from Curiosity to Earth. So we were all actually watching an event that had already taken place almost a quarter hour earlier.

Which makes my head hurt. So I'll move on.

It wasn't awful for staying up late. It landed at about 11:31 our time, so I could have been in bed by midnight. But, of course, I sat and watched the celebrations and then still had to get myself off to bed so I could still get 7 hours of sleep before work.

Wait... I seem to be forgetting something...

Oh. Right. Christopher has been travelling this week, and wasn't home to be the first one up in the morning. So I was awakened by the dog at... oh... 5:35 or so on Monday morning. After not quite 5.5 hours of sleep.

I do not do well on 5.5 hours of sleep. Even when I was in college I did not do well on 5.5 hours of sleep - but at least then I could go home in the middle of the day and sleep between classes. I don't get to do that at work.

So I struggled through yesterday at work. And thought, "No problem, I'll catch up after I get home."

But then I was watching the Olympics. And taking care of a couple of freelance things. And the phone rang after 9 and I (very happily - if a bit groggily) talked on it for half an hour or so. And I got to bed around 10:30 or 11. Which would have gotten me a good 8 hours of sleep if not for... What was it again?

Oh. Right. A pup who is used to going out sometime before 6am.

Christopher gets home tonight. And aside from the fact that the pup and I are both excited to have him home, I have to admit that I'm looking forward even more to tomorrow morning when - after his alarm goes off - he'll be the one letting the pooch out for her early morning constitutional.

Either that, or I'll be taking a pillow to work with me.

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