Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travel Tuesday Times Seven

Today, we have a list which is in no particular order, other than how it came to me (read to the end and you'll figure out the "why" of it all):

Mile Marker Zero
The Dry Tortugas
The Southernmost Point
Quebec City
Le Stade Olympique (all the way to the top)
Mont Tremblant
Le Plateau
L'Academie (a.v.v)
Scotland (the one I call home, at least)
Disneyland Paris (in the hotel)
Walt Disney World
Los Angeles (the city and the metropolis)
Catalina Island
The Upper West Side
The Top of the Rock
The Smithsonian
Lockport Marketplace and Deli
Griffith Park Observatory
Cocker Spaniel Resources (Hudson, WI)
Land's End
Wild Country Maple Syrup's shack in the woods
The Passerelle des Arts
La Maison du Chocolat
Hoover Dam in a convertible
Studio 54
Le Relais d'Entrecote
Charm City Cakes
The Minnesota Zoo
The Eiffel Tower - Las Vegas
Avenue Q
The National Sports Center in Blaine
Oak Park Heights
Gooseberry Falls
Grand Portage
Grand Marais
Sony Pictures Studios
Olvera Street
Ninth Street Espresso
A Little Night Music
Phantom of the Opera
Wishful Drinking
Songs for a New World
The Minnesota Opera
So many restaurants
A number of hotels
Various rental cars
Some Delta Sky Lounges

It's kind of amazing the places you can go, the things that you can do, and the amounts of joy you can experience when you get to spend seven years with someone, the way Christopher and I have done. And I didn't even start listing local restaurants... or specific people we've seen... or the everyday-ish things we've done... or the weddings and celebrations we've attended. Or the quiet times when we were just home and enjoying being home.

(And, as I try to complete this, I keep thinking of more things I should add in. But I figure the list is long enough as it is.)

Makes me pretty excited about what the next seven years might hold (and the seven after that... and the seven after that... and...).

Readers' poll question: If you - without checking a calendar - had to list a top ten for the past seven years, where would you start? Post a comment, here, please (not on FB) - I'd love to know what sticks in your mind from the same period of time.

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