Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bad Quote Quotient: Play On

As a general rule, I really enjoy working on short essays and memoirs. They tend to be easy to focus on, have concise stories, and - especially nice for me - have a clear point.

I also usually like things that come into our office having already been edited.

Unfortunately, when the "editor" of the book has also written an introduction to the book of short memoir-ish essays, and when that editor's own piece has no focus, rambles, and seems to lose its point, that does not bode well for the rest of the book.

The book I'm currently working on, sadly, is of that latter ilk.

Because I find it is bad for me to squint at the screen while trying to figure out what some of the sentences mean (I swear that's why I've got the frown creases in the middle of my forehead), I've opted to laugh at some of them. Which may be why my officemate has been wearing her headphones a lot in the past week. Because many portions of this manuscript are really really funny. Unintentionally so, but funny, nonetheless.

For instance, today's gem just goes to show how - if you find a good tennis partner - you never want to let him go:

My late husband Bill and I continued to play tennis, swim, hike, and bike...

I'm guessing that he didn't have a ghost of a chance at returning her serve.

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Robin said...

lol (or at least "smirk")