Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is This World Cup Related?

Much of the time, as an editor, I feel a bit like a writing coach. I find myself questioning what authors have written in the hopes of helping myself - and the authors - better understand the intended meaning of what has been written. And, hopefully, that will make it easier for the average reader buying the book.

Now, I didn't actually watch the World Cup soccer matches. At all. So maybe there is something about soccer that I simply missed because I'm not all into the lingo. I do know that a lot of my friends thought the guys running around in their short shorts were pretty hot. Sexy, even.

Yet, even with that in mind, I never expected - not in my wildest dreams - that I would ever find myself writing this in the margin of an edit: 

"I don't think you really want readers to imagine that this conversation will automatically lead to some kind of soccer-based sexual encounter."

So... yeah... that's one more thing I can check off my "I've never said that before" list.

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