Monday, July 14, 2014

Bonne Fete!

Sometimes it's hard to make sense of the most basic things.

When I told someone, yesterday, that I was going to a Bastille Day dinner, I was asked what one does at a Bastille Day dinner, and why anyone has one in the first place.

Basically, I said, "You eat a lot of French food to celebrate the time when a government was overthrown and people celebrated. Oh, and there was no cake."

Which, of course, led to the indepth sociopolitical question of "No cake?"

Yeah... So... Anyway...

Luckily, when the same topic came up later on and Christopher was around, he responded with something akin to: "Well, it's basically the same way we do the Fourth of July, but with better food."

And, you know, he wasn't wrong.

(In part, because there was cake.)

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Robin said...

um - let them eat cake?