Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Food - A Nut Job

Remember how I told you that I had all of those cashews, which is part of why I ended up making the pesto with cashews?

Yeah... so... We're talking Costco-sized container of cashews. So I needed to do more with them. And I opted to go for some spiced nuts from a recipe that showed up in my inbox right in the middle of all of that debating.

Yeah... This is the recipe. 

Not gonna lie, the fact that it took 4 cups of nuts (I used 3 cups of cashews and 1 cup of almonds - all the leftovers from the pesto project) was a big plus for me. I had a fun time setting up the various bowls. I don't think it was just because I was going to be taking a photo of them, but it might have been.

Check out the pretty colors in the sugar/spice mix. Pretty, right?
Ooo... Cool close-up of the sugars and spices on top of the nuts. 

Not quite as cool non-close-up of the nuts. 

Parchment paper on the pan; eggy, spicy nuts on top.

Almost done baking.
There aren't actually any photos of it when it was "done." Basically, it looked just the same, but in a bowl, though, so you've got a pretty good idea.

The taste wasn't as "addictive" as the recipe might imply, but they were definitely tasty. Just the right amount of crunch. A nice amount of spice and sugar that carmelized. 

A put them in an air-tight container and they stayed good for a week or so. I'll definitely try them again, modifying the spices as I go until I find a slightly more addictive - or at least intriguing - blend. 

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