Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Worknight

I don't really know why it happened, but I seem to have worked my way through this entire evening.

Okay. Not really work worked, but work, nonetheless.

I did some baking, which I admit is usually pretty fun, but I did a larger-than-usual cookie batch, and by the time I was done (after having gotten home and walked and fed the dog), it was already after 7. Luckily, I had been cleaning as I went along, so there weren't any dishes left to do - until I made dinner...

Then I did some actual work work. Freelance work work, to be more precise. I've been doing a lot of smallish pieces for one of my clients this week because they have a HUGE event coming up this weekend. I like them a lot, though, so it's not drudgery, but it is work.

I topped it all off by trying to set up some new personal/freelance business cards using templates on my computer. I've used the same templates before, and I've liked the results. But I just don't like how they're turning out this time. (Sad part: I think the reason why I don't like them any more is that - when I used them the last time - I wasn't trying to include things like online networking profiles, which just don't fit in the templates.) So I started searching for some templates online and found a really generic one. Which I worked on for a bit and forced Christopher to give me thumbs-up or thumbs-down on.

And then it got to be 10 o'clock, and I realized that it has been way too long a day for me to be dealing with this stuff.

Maybe tomorrow night it will seem more like fun, and less like work...

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