Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Almost Back

Apparently my blog is dealing with a bit of jetlag. Okay... okay... I admit that it's me that has the jetlag. You see, for two weeks beginning on Easter weekend, Christopher and I were in France. We spent a week in Paris having a reunion with some friends, then spent a week in Nice (and all around that area) playing tourist. We got back a few days ago.

While I was gone, you were reading all of the things I'd been storing up for a while. I hope you liked some of the quotes - even though it did kind of combine into a bit of navel-gazing when you looked at it with the "Why I Edit" piece.

I had every intention of getting back to my regular postings earlier this week, but then... well... I had forgotten how bad jetlag is when you're flying from east to west. The first day or two in Paris I adjusted really easily, and so I thought "on the way home, it should be just as easy..." and then we got home and I spent the first full day on adrenaline, and then two days at work in a total fog.

I was all excited that I stayed up until 11 last night watching last week's episode of "The Amazing Race." But then I woke up in the middle of the night having weird Amazing Race-related dreams, which continued after I fell back to sleep and resulted in me waking up tired. Again.

So tonight it's barely 9:30 and I'm going to call it a day. I promise to be back to the regular posting schedule as soon as I can keep my eyes open. I hope to even download my pictures from my camera this weekend, so I'll get you some of those, too. Hopefully they'll be less foggy than my brain.

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