Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Things That Suck - A Grumpy Tiz List

Tonight's topic, as you might have guessed, is "things that suck." I was trying to think of something fun and cool to write about, but I only got about two hours of sleep last night (I should have gone to bed an hour ago, I'm sure), and the only things that came to mind were the sucky ones. So here we go:

1) Having a dog who had a small lump removed from her hip, yesterday, and so she's on pain meds and has to be watched to make sure she doesn't chew on her stitches sucks.

2) I would also imagine that being the dog and having to deal with stitches and a protective collar (we're trying this instead of "the cone") probably also sucks.

3) Being a grown-up and having to tell someone that you can't fly halfway across the country for a really fun weekend because you'd miss too much work sucks.

4) Expecting the contractor to come on Tuesday and doing all of the prep work for it, and then finding out halfway through the day that they had to postpone until Wednesday but didn't bother to tell you sucks.

5) Being excited because your officemate is gone for the week and you've got the office to yourself, but then having to deal with a crapload of extra work that really probably shouldn't have landed on either desk in the first place sucks.

Okay. Okay. I hear you. Half of you are thinking that I'm whining. Half of you think I shouldn't be using the word "sucks." And half of you (not necessarily a third half, just a mix of people from the other two groups) expected me to either talk about vacuums or innuendo. I get that. So let me toss in one more thing and then I'll move on.

6) Spring allergies that make your nose run and your eyes water - especially when you're an editor by trade - really suck.

But it's a sunny week. The house is ready whenever the contractor shows up. The dog is adjusting to her soft collar. I get to sing along with my Pandora stations and no one hears me. And one of the reasons I can't justify that weekend trip is because I just got back from two weeks in France with Christopher.

So life isn't really so bad. I still think some of that stuff really sucks, though.

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Robin said...

It is a "sucky" week though. We're having one of those here, too.
Hoping it gets better - and the sunny days lighten your mood.