Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bad Quote Quotient - Part 2 of 5

Assuming you saw Tuesday's post, you know what's going on, here.

Today, we have the start of what seems to have been a Biblical workout regimen. Or something.

I mean... If you see the paintings and sculptures of that era, most of the people are represented as being pretty ripped, so maybe this was the start of that?

  • The way to get this excellence level is to exercise you in it. 
  • [Psalms] gives believers the power to work out in Jesus' name.

Reminder - I've got a kind of racy one for tomorrow, so feel free to skip over Part 3 of 5 and come back for Part 4 of 5 - complete with a vintage Sesame Street video - if you're worried about it. 

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