Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Showers...

My morning started at about six, today. I woke up early with the pup, and then decided to get to work on the basement prep for the bathroom reno.

It seem innocuous enough. Shuffle some things around. Hang some plastic sheeting in the hopes of minimizing the spread of drywall dust. Then run a quick errand to a hardware store to buy the shower we need and bring it back.

I had even remembered, on Friday, to call the store and make sure they had the shower in stock. I was all ready to be done with the entire morning process by around ten.

I was wrong.

When I got to the store at about 9, I took one look at the box the shower was in - with tape holding it together and an obvious side bulge - and knew that I did not want whatever was in the box. The very nice woman working in plumbing found the same shower in another store, and I was off on the quest.

30 minutes later (after a call to Christopher to confirm that I knew where the store was), I was at the next store, in the plumbing department. Shower? In stock. Box? Pristine. I put it on my card and walked to the service desk to rent a truck.

Driver's license in hand, I was good to go. But my insurance card was in the car. Out to the car, grab the card, back in the store. The card had an expiration of 4/1/15. My new card? At home. My insurance company? Closed on Sunday mornings. No card, no truck.

Half a mile down the road, realize my driver's license is still at the store. Turn around and go back.

Realize that, at this rate, I'm going to run out of gas soon. Stop to fill. Then on my way.

25 minutes later, at home. Ripped the new card out of my insurance packet (which arrived about a week before we went on vacation, and simply got filed for "after we get back"). Quick hello to Christopher and the pup. Back out the door.

55 minutes later, back home. Shower delivered into the garage, with Christopher's help. Quick shower in the exciting shower. Back out the door.

12:15 (I realize those times don't all add up. But I do know that 12:15 is correct for this), back at the store to drop off the truck. I will say that the service folks were all really friendly and helpful - just not exactly speedy. Out of the store about 12:35, on my way to being about 15 minutes late for picking someone up for a trip to a museum.

Easy, quick morning? >sigh< I should have realized that that had gone out the window about 9:30, just after I went out the second door...

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