Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the Up Side...

Remember how, yesterday, I said I was going to be offline for a few days while I was in New York City with Christopher? We spent all last evening packing and getting ready. We went to work early today to be sure we could out the door on time. And about 90 minutes before we were supposed to leave work, Christopher called me to say that we weren't going to be flying out.

Apparently, the slight drizzle in Minneapolis, combined with rain in New York, was enough weather to result in our flight being cancelled.

** Spelling sidenote ** I prefer "cancelled" with two "l"s in it. I feel the same way about travelled. Spellcheck does not. ** End spelling sidenote **

We had considered this type of issue, which is why Christopher and I had opted for the second-to-last flight of the day, and not the last flight. But apparently the last flight was already over-booked by the time Christopher got our notifications. So the automated re-seating put us on DIFFERENT flights out tomorrow. He was scheduled to leave at 7am, fly through Indianapolis, and arrive in New York at about 2:30. I was scheduled to leave around 9am, fly through Columbus, and arrive in New York at about 1:45.

Christopher, thankfully, didn't want to take that option as our answer. He called the airline (we booked through Northwest, now it's officially Delta...), and expressed his dislike of those new arrangements. Eventually, with enough pushing back, he got us both on a flight that leaves at a little after 10 tomorrow morning and gets us to JFK at about 1:45.

Of course, about half an hour before this news came through we were finally able to firm up plans for lunch with a wonderful friend of ours -- at 1:30 in Manhattan. So after I heard from Christopher I emailed her once again to explain that we needed to reschedule, which we now may or may not be able to do. I also called our hostess, who picked up my call saying "Hey! What's going on? You're not delayed are you?"

You see, the last time we went out to visit her in New York, we called her right after we had landed. Unfortunately, after being on the plane -- and in the air -- for about 4 hours, we hand landed back in Minneapolis. So I think she thought we were having that kind of problem, again.

So, as my 3 1/2 day weekend in New York becomes a 2 1/2 day weekend in New York, I am doing my best to look on the bright side. After all of the stresses of the week, Christopher and I were able to come home, relax, have dinner, and spend a restful evening before travelling.

Okay. So a night in Manhattan might have been more fun, but... well... at least we aren't stranded in Columbus or Indianapolis.

** Superstitious endnote ** I refuse to jinx myself by leaving this open-ended. So I'm adding one final word (coming up, below), just to make sure the universe knows that I'm looking over my shoulder. ** End superstitious endnote **


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MizTiz said...

so happy to see you and be an intrusively intrustive intruder. please oh please explain to christopher why i disappeared. i honestly DISAPPEARED.