Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thotful Thursday - Post-vacation

I realize I'm kind of stretching it with some of the vacation conversations, but there are reasons for that. So I thought I'd give you some of them:

- The Wisconsin recall election. Hatred and greed, after being exposed, still got voted back into office. In part because they outspent the opposition 8-to-1. Yeah, that's a good electoral system, isn't it?

- The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. A celebration of sixty years of service and dedication, filled with pomp and circumstance and fireworks for all the country/commonwealth/world to see. I've been watching parts of it that I TiVo'd. Yes, there have been tears.

- An attempt at less online time. Having come back from a full week with *no* internet access (by choice), I found that I actually rather enjoyed that I hadn't been in touch constantly with the flow of "news" from the world. I didn't turn my computer on after work on Monday, either. And I'm only on to post, tonight. It's weird, but I'm enjoying it.

- Photo sorting. I haven't even started to try to go through the gazillion photos I took on our trip. I really need to do that, soon. But I also need to upgrade my Mac before the end of the month (the whole "iCloud" thing is coming and has to be dealt with), and I'm kind of weirded out about whether I should deal with the photos, first, or the upgrade, first. So... umm... stalemate at the moment.

- Something I'm going to call "blogger's block." All of the above has me kind of stymied for what to write, this week. I'm hoping that it's temporary, though, and that I'll be back in fine fetter after a few more days. After all, the Tony Awards are on Sunday, and if those can't get me out of a funk, I'm not sure what can.

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