Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve Tiz List

Torn between options of what to write about, I'm opting for a mishmash of things all put together into a numbered list about this time of year.

1) Some of the best Christmas specials were on TV back in the 1970s.

2) Some of the best Christmas commercials were also on TV back in the 1970s - just not as many commercials, since they've added more minutes of commercials per half hour since then.

3) I kinda wish that the 1970s shows would be shown with 1970s commercials.

4) I kinda wish people sent as many Christmas cards as they did in the '70s.

5) Christmas cookie recipes from the '70s are also really good.

6) I miss the days of sitting in the bedroom with my sister on Christmas Eve and wrapping all of our presents.

7) That was back in the '70s, too.

8) I wrapped gifts at the coffee table this year.

9) I don't drink coffee, but there's not really another name for the table that's between the couch and the TV.

10) One of my favorite things about this time of year is that people offer hot chocolate almost everywhere, and don't look at you funny if you don't drink coffee.

11) I survived a year in Paris not drinking coffee by drinking hot chocolate.

12) Hot chocolate in Paris is much better than hot chocolate most places in the States.

13) One of the other best things about this time of year is getting those Christmas cards and thinking about all of the people you know from all over the place.

14) I love looking at the stamps that come on international Christmas cards.

15) I try to put interesting combinations of stamps on the cards I send internationally, to repay the favor.

16) I found out, today, that I have to go out and do a little shopping tomorrow.

17) I'm not actually freaked out by shopping on Christmas Eve, because the places I'm going to be going are not in malls.

18) I've been known to go wander around in malls on Christmas Eve (years when I haven't been working retail), just to enjoy the energy of it all.

19) When I worked retail, Christmas Eve was one of my favorite days to work - there's an odd balance between the crazed "OHMIGOD why didn't you tell me it was Christmas!?" shoppers and the "oh, just one more thing, and I'm done" shoppers.

20) I prefer not working retail.

21) I would prefer to win the lottery and be independently wealthy so that I could do a lot of philanthropy and never have to work a "real" job ever again.

22) Santa seldom puts "independently wealthy" in stockings.

23) The Tooth Fairy also seldom puts that under pillows.

24) Santa does put his finger aside of his nose.

25) It took me until this year to know what that meant, even though I remember seeing it in one of those 1970s Christmas cartoons (which, yes, was based on the poem).

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