Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stealing Wine

It wasn't my fault. I was perfectly happy with the safari finger puppets. And, when those were taken away, I was okay with the frog wine bottle opener.

Alright, so I hadn't been okay with the various kinds of office supplies I started out with. And then, when the frog wine bottle opener was taken, I was kind of almost okay with the sock monkey wine bottle cover which was accompanied by a Harlequin romance.

But then... well... the dice dropped into a double-two, and I figured - What the heck? - Why not steal the wine?

So I left with two bottles of wine.

And some leftover 6-out-of-7-layer salad (I'm just not a fan of celery), which made for a very nice dinner tonight.

Oh. Sorry. I seem to have forgotten to mention that today was our Work Holiday Potluck and White Elephant Gift Exchange.

That probably makes the rest of this make more sense, doesn't it?

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