Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Christmas Crash

I think the pup has the right idea.

After two days of driving back and forth to Christopher's parents' house to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, she's currently crashed out on a piled up afghan on the couch between Christopher and me.

It's been a busy couple of days for her. There were 45-minute car rides. There were multiple dogs to share the struggle for attention. There were walks with all sorts of strange smells.

There were extra - and highly exotic - foods, like a taste of real steak. There was a treat shaped like a holiday cupcake.

This morning, there was even a brand new Nylabone (which she didn't put down for almost an hour).

Tomorrow, with the return of the workweek, we'll all have to readjust. But, tonight, it's all about the pre-bedtime snooze on the couch.

Here's hoping that the dreams of the night after Christmas will be filled with as much potential as the dreams which came before them.

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