Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Post Number 1,111

I don't know why I find the idea of post 1,111 to be so interesting. But part of why I've been clearing out the old drafts is so that I could know which post was the 1,111th.

A while back, I found this image on an anti-bullying site that is run by the StandUp Foundation - a foundation set up by Ben Cohen, who is a former English rugby player.

Since he left professional rugby, he's become known for his work against bullying, and he's become a kind of gay icon - which might seem a bit odd, since he's not gay. But the thing is that he takes a stand for people who really can't - and in his anti-bullying he overlaps a lot with the groups trying to fight against other hate crimes, such as violence against gays.

And he seems to do it all kind of "nicely." You don't see him out there pushing people around or getting up in the media and yelling and screaming. You see him praising good works and congratulating people for jobs well done. Granted, I have no idea what he's like in person, but he's doing pretty darned well with his public persona.

So... Anyway... A while back, I came across this image that they were using, and it struck a cord with me. Not just for children, but for people of any age.

The idea of learning to stand up for others (or ourselves) in the same way that we - as kids - once stood up to dragons. That's kind of powerful, you know?

1,111th post-worthy, I'd say.

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