Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bachelor Week

I'm not going to lie. Having the occasional night at home alone is kind of nice.

I lived alone for a lot of years - with a few years in the middle when I had roommates, but still had my own room and my own bed.

And there are just times when it's nice to let your thoughts spread out, not to mention letting yourself sprawl across a bed.

But Christopher has been gone since Friday. This isn't a long trip (he's back tomorrow), so there's no real idea of adjusting totally to a different routine, and yet - with the dog - it's meant getting her to adjust to only having one person in the house with her.

He's been gone just long enough that the pup isn't exactly waiting for him to come home after work, but she's still running to the back door whenever there's a noise - expecting him to be there. (In fact, when I answered a phonecall from Christopher tonight, I apparently said "hello" in just the right tone of voice. She doesn't usually care when we're on the phone, but she gave a half "woof" and ran into the kitchen to see if he was there.)

And I'm kind of at the same point. I've had a couple of nights of getting used to him not being here. And then a couple of nights of "nice, I have the place to myself." And now I'm ready for him to be back.

Yeah. Bachelorhood is nice - to a point - but I think I kind of prefer the couplehood stuff.

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