Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unexpected Event

To some people, merely speaking in an elevator is an unexpected event.

When I walk out to the parking garage with people from my office, though, elevator conversation is just part of the trip.

Of course, when we're in the elevator with other people, sometimes that makes the other people wonder what's going on.

Recently, we had walked into the elevator and there were a bunch of other people in there already. There was a new sign on the wall next to the door which said "Due to an Unexpected Event the 3rd Avenue Elevator will be closed temporarily."

One of the guys in the elevator - not one of my co-workers - said "Makes you wonder what kind of unexpected event happened, doesn't it?"

I replied, "Yeah, like was it a surprise party that got out of hand?"

And the other guy actually laughed.

I kinda love unexpected events like that.

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