Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Food - Softly

I know that I talked, recently, about dealing with a few days when I had to avoid alcohol. I've since learned that the antibiotic I was on has actually been used in some studies to help people break their dependency on alcohol - by making them sick as a dog whenever they drink. So... yeah... glad I abstained for those days.

This weekend, while I'm able to have alcohol, I'm gearing up for a few days next week when I'll be required to eat only soft foods.

You see, as follow-up to the situation which had me on antibiotics, now I'm going in to have a very minor bit of surgery to see what might have caused the infection which needed the antibiotic. (I know... too much info. sorry.)

At any rate, I've been forewarned that for a few days I'll want to avoid any sharp foods or crunchy foods. So no peanuts or popcorn (or Cracker Jack), and nothing that would put stress on my upper jaw. Which means also nothing through a straw.

I was thinking of going to a movie on Tuesday, but since I can't imagine a movie without popcorn and pop, I think I might have to skip that. I'm planning a few days of ice cream, mashed potatoes, and possibly guacamole - if I can figure out what to eat it with.

Oh. And Shamrock Shakes. Because - as luck would have it - they're in season. Come to think of it, they were also in season when I got my braces back in 5th grade (or was it 6th?). I'm not sure if that's just really weird timing, or incredibly good luck.

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