Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Bet You Can't Say This

I've been working on an edit, at work, which focuses on - in the loosest sense - relationship styles. I say that it only loosely focuses on them because, really, it focuses a lot on sex, with some relationship stuff thrown in. And, yes, it's partially a how-to manual. (With diagrams!)

How many of you can say that you've been sitting at work reading a sex manual for the past week? Yeah. That's what I figured.

Now ask me how many of us (all you readers, and me, this time) have enjoyed reading a sex manual at work for the past week? You can't see this, but I can guarantee you that I am *not* raising my hand at the moment.

I never would have guessed it, but I found out this week that it is entirely possible for a book about sex to be totally and completely boring. At one point, I was scrolling through to do a search-and-replace of a couple of terms. When I stopped the search and went back to the editing, I started in the middle of a paragraph 3 pages down from where I had stopped. And I didn't notice. Because the book was that boring.

We've had a few good laughs about it at work, though. I've gotten to say things like "I have to get back to my Sex." And - when I finished this round of editing - I unintentionally replied to someone asking what I was up to "Well, Sex is out of my hands for a few days." It's truly a strange world I work in some days.

After all, last week I was working on a manuscript about heaven, and next on my list is a children's picture book guide to stocks and portfolios (which I already know includes such gems as "you should ask your financial advisor about your stocks" - because as we all know children who look at picture books all have financial advisors...).

Even better, I'll get to have a second go-round with the Sex book after I have a phone conference with the author. I think, just for fun, I might block out the time on my calendar at work as "Phone Sex," just to see if anyone notices.

I bet you can't say that about what you're doing at your job. (And, if you can, I really hope your hourly pay is better than what I'm getting...)

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