Saturday, April 28, 2012

Passing on the Past

You know how I wrote the other day about watching the past catch up with me? In that case, I was talking about watching all of the reruns of "Dr. Who" in order. But, lately, it seems like the past is catching up in a lot of really bad ways, too.

Like the fact that there's actually a massive blockbuster movie coming out this summer about "Battleship" - which (for better or worse) seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the game I had when I was a kid. This, unfortunately, is simply the latest in a list of movies which are taking the premise - or sometimes just the name - of something that was well and good 20 or 30 years ago, and making it into something... wrong.

I've watched this happen with a bunch of movies. And some TV shows. And even some cartoons (being made into movies and TV shows). Heck. It seems to happen once per season on Broadway, too.

And don't get me started on fashion. I mean... If I'd known that people would be wearing 80s fashions (I'm not calling it "style"), I could have kept everything that used to be in my closet.

Of course, the people who are trying to mimic the 80s frequently don't even know that what they're wearing is a re-tread of some other era. And what's worse is that, although they're wearing all the pieces, they're not doing them right. I mean... It's the little things that get me. Like... if you're going to layer your Polo shirts, you need to pop both collars. And if you're going to cuff your pantlegs to the length of Capri pants, you need to roll them so they hug your ankles and don't hang loose.

Better yet, find a style (or an idea for a piece of entertainment) that's actually new. Then I won't have to be bothered trying to explain it, and I can mock it in peace.

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