Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiz List o' Learnin'

(Not sure why I call this a "Tiz List"? Check out the other posts with the same name in the "Label" group listed in the left-hand column.)

I feel like I've had an informative weekend, and I thought I'd share some of what I've learned with you.

1) Sometimes, for no reason, the basement can take on a smell kind of like... well... scallops.

2) As much as I like scallops, having the basement smell like that is not a good thing.

3) When the gas company people get a call asking them if they have any idea if anything they do would smell like scallops (instead of rotten eggs), they get a little giddy and send someone out to take a sniff, just in case.

4) You should not tell the gas company person you're on the phone with that you're standing in the house on the home phone - they take the whole "leave the house and call from somewhere else" thing pretty seriously.

5) Apparently - according to the gas company guy with the nifty gas detector thingy which registered absolutely no gas in our basement - in very humid weather, you can get standing water in your washing machine which can kick up some odd aromas. (We're going with that explanation for the smell, in case you're wondering - the main thing we know are that it was *not* gas, and that it went away after a little while.)

6) Patience is a virtue - especially when in line at Target when the cashier can't seem to find any of the barcodes to scan.

7) I'd never really realized it, but apparently "barcode scanning" is an ability people either have or they don't. I scan my own groceries a lot, and I'm pretty good at getting it on the first swipe. Sadly, the gentleman at Target had obviously not inherited that gene.

8) There are animals which eat only the red-leafed peonies, and leave the green ones behind. We may have a rather unbalanced peony crop in front of our house in a month.

9) No matter how many times you put them on your list, you can check out of Target without buying vitamins.

10) When you forget to buy vitamins, you tend to realize it at 9:30 at night. Possibly while blogging.

11) I learned that our pup automatically decides it's time for bed whenever one of us goes in and lies down. Even if we're on the phone and not going to sleep.

12) There is a different size of pillow for a "Standard Sham" and a "Queen Sham." (I know... I know... It all sounds like a sham to me, too...)

13) JCPenney has a really small optical department.

14) Simply getting out margarine to soften at room temperature does not always result in baking getting done - particularly on spring days when the weather is freakishly warm and the house is kind of sticky.

15) Sometimes, no matter how much you want it to work, a hat just won't look good on you.

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