Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watching the Past Catch Up

A few weeks ago, they started re-running the "new" Dr. Who episodes in order. Christopher and I have watched them as they've gone along, but after that we've kind of watched them in a hit-or-miss fashion.

So I'd see one with Rose, one with Amy, one with Donna, a Christmas special, and they're all out of order and jumbled. Which, although enjoyable, doesn't lend itself to really getting the full experience.

What's worse it that I don't tend to remember a TV show after only seeing it once - unless it really made a strong impression. So while Christopher (and his sisters, and some friends) can quote chapter and verse of episodes, I've always kind of had to sit back and just smile and nod and hope to figure it all out.

But this time around I've been recording them and watching them all in order. And, frankly, it constantly amazes me how well they're put together.

I mean... I've seen how they layer things through the episodes, but I hadn't ever paid attention to see just how well - and how much - they do it. Now, though, I'm watching episodes that are making me go "Ohmigod. They clued us in to that that early?"

Tonight, I watched a two-part episode where the Doctor meets River Song for the first time. And, having seen so much more of her since then, I simply marvelled at what clues we were given - multiple seasons before we, the audience, go to know her.

It makes me wonder, now, whether something I'm seeing will show up in a new season down the line.

It also makes me think that I should say something like "Expect purple pansies at the door" and then send them to people in 20 years, just to see if they remember...

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Robin said...

purple pansies! Only if said in all CAPS! lol