Sunday, September 16, 2012

Curing Random Fireworks

The past couple of nights, there have been some strange booms coming from outside in the night. I could tell pretty easily that it was the sound of fireworks, so I didn't worry about it.

Granted, I have absolutely no idea what events are going on that are shooting off fireworks. But tonight the booms have been even louder. And I've been hearing not just the Boom, but also the Crackle of the kind of fireworks that go up and then explode and sparkle.

Because the temperature is dropping pretty quickly outside (it was around 85 today, and is heading to around 50 tonight), I opened the windows and doors about half an hour ago. And then the fireworks started.

And the pup barked because of the noise. And then it went off again. And she barked again.

So I closed the door, rubbed her ears, and promised it would be okay.

Wouldn't it be nice if everything in life that was unsettling could be cured so easily?

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