Monday, September 10, 2012

Quiet in the Office... Too Quiet...

I came in to work, today, expecting to finally have had the IT department fix an error from last Friday. Why wasn't it fixed on Friday? Because apparently much of the IT department had left early. Truth be told, one of the guys actually contacted me late on Friday afternoon to ask if I needed any help. But, at that point, the workday was coming to an end (as was the workweek) and I told him to leave it until today.

So I finished up everything I could get my hands on on Friday, and planned to dive in today.

After I came in, today, I spent the first hour of the day fixing a bunch of things for other people, then re-contacted IT to ask for an ETA on the issue. All the normal stuff got taken care of, then I waited a bit for an answer.

Turns out that the issue was actually a missing document. Nothing had been put into the system for me to work on by the client. Normally, this is an easy fix. We contact the client. The client re-uploads (correctly, this time), and we move forward.

But today is not a normal day on the Internet. (You may have already seen news about some websites being taken down by a hacker.) So all day today our clients have been having problems getting files (and emails) to us, and we've been having issues getting things back and forth. And my workload has been *really* light for a Monday. Way too light. Creepy light. Day after Thanksgiving light.

If this continues tomorrow I may need to bring a book. You don't think anyone would notice me sitting at my desk reading a book all day, do you?

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