Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Did They Know?

Tonight on "Go On" (the new Matthew Perry sitcom which I'm still considering watching but which probably won't become "Must See TV" for me), the Loss support group he attends was trying to find things to do together.

One of the problems is that, since they belong to a "Loss" support group they occasionally refer to themselves as "losers" (because, obviously, they've all lost someone).

So... The episode was moving along, and I was doing other things, and I looked up to see them, rather inexplicably (I think I missed a plot point along the way) in a bowling alley.

And, of course, here is the assumption we're supposed to make: Losers who have nowhere else to go go bowling.

Now, I would like to point out that there are plenty of people who go bowling who are not losers. After all, bowling leagues are big social events, which means that you not only have an excuse to buy shoes and accessories, but you get to go out eating and drinking and, in essence, breaking things. (Since, really, you're throwing a heavy ball at small things and making all sorts of noise that someone else has to fix.)

But, all that social goodness aside, bowling is not a glamor sport. It's a sport where people who don't really fit in in other sports go because they don't have to be overly athletic or coordinated. Which is why the "losers" on "Go On" were there.

Here's the sad/scary thing: Tomorrow afternoon, as part of an office "morale-boosting" event, we're going - you guessed it - bowling. In the middle of the day. Somewhere far enough away from home that drinking enough to make an office event fun is out of the question.

Wish me luck.

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