Friday, September 14, 2012


So, let's see here...

This week at work our Internet-based company was adversely affected by the hacking of our domain name provider.

Once I got into my computer, I found myself having to proofread 37K words' worth of a really horribly written book about "diversity" which spent about 32K of those making thinly-veiled "the white man is bad" comments, and had obviously dropped in comments about "LGBT businesses" and "disable-owned businesses" (I'm not making this up) at the last minute when someone probably said to her "You can't talk about diversity and only talk about white men and black women."

Once everything was "fixed" we found out that a whole lot of system-notification emails weren't going out - or weren't making it to our emails, at least.

At home, we've had to start pricing air conditioners, because even though we just had the freon charged in ours it's already not doing well.

My ragweed allergy is in full force.

But... In better news...

The pup has a brand new ball.

The weekend is looking good.

Christopher and I - as a couple - actually got to go to a fun movie with lots of things blowing up.

And there was popcorn.

The weather is really nice.

It's Friday night and we're just hanging out.

I'm thinking that, if the outcome is what's important, then this has been a good week.

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