Sunday, September 2, 2012

Euphemistic Effluvia (no... really.)

When they came back into the room, I had a kind of oval bull's-eye on my shirt. I looked at them, and said, "Umm... We had a little accident."

The first response was, "Did something happen to the sink?" No. "Did your pop explode?" No.

The big wet oval on my shirt, which trailed onto my shorts was definitely not caused by the sink spraying or a soda exploding. It was caused, quite euphemistically, by "an accident."

The kind of accident that happens when you try to comfort a not-usually-quite-so-hyper dog who is kind of freaking out because of the amount of activity in and out of the room. (A dog who, frankly, we would have left at home had we known just how much activity there would have been, simply to avoid the hyper-activity.)

And, yet, while everyone was outside moving things around, I had bent down to pick up the pooch as I often do to calm her down. She hopped up into my arms, and as she kind of shimmied her way up to my shoulder - as she always does - I found myself thinking "that's not quite the right temperature." Which I don't usually do.

Oddly, though, it didn't really bother me. I don't deal well with little kids and their effluvia, but I grew up with pets, and so pet stuff doesn't really freak me out. I don't love it, but I also know that they can't really help it.

Thankfully, another (drier) t-shirt was found, and so I put my original shirt out on my car to dry in the sun. My shorts got a good blot-down, and we were on our way.

And, on the plus side, my shirt (and shorts) absorbed it all, so we didn't get any on the floor or the carpet (which don't so easily get tossed in the washer).

So... Positives all 'round. (Well... except for the initial event, at least.)

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