Friday, November 23, 2012

A Change of Seasons

When I left Minneapolis to drive to my parents' house, yesterday, it was about 60 degrees in Minneapolis. I had been packing my car without a coat on, so I almost forgot to pack a coat.

On the drive, the wind was ridiculously strong. Blowing from the WNW, according to the weather folks. Since I was driving mostly toward the wind (I was driving WSW), it was the bane of my shoulders - and of my gas mileage - the whole way home.

By the time I got home, the temp was about 35 degrees - in the middle of the afternoon with the sun out - and the wind was still blowing (which it continued to do all last night - so I got to fall asleep, and wake up, to rattling windows).

Today, we had a high of about 30 degrees, and I was very happy to have brought a coat home with me while I was out running errands with my mom.

Of course, one of my big reasons for coming home for the Thanksgiving weekend was to help my folks do some of the Christmas decorating, so that it's done long before the festivities begin. And I spent some time, today, doing just that.

So I guess it all makes sense. The house changed over from fall to winter just as the weather did the same thing.

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