Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Non-Holiday Week

I know that it's a retailer's dream season this year - Thanksgiving was early, so there's an extra week of Holiday shopping time - but it's got me kind of discombobulated.

I feel like it should already be December. I feel like I'm running late for buying Christmas presents and baking cookies and sending cards. It's not making me excited to shop more, it's just making me feel kind of stressed out that I haven't already shopped more.

Of course, all of this is made even stranger by the fact that it's still November, and I already have my first batch of cookies baked. (There would have been a second batch, but I forgot to double the flour when I doubled the recipe and... long story short... I'm not sure what they turned out to be, but they're definitely not Christmas cookies.)

I've also got about 75% of my shopping done. Although, truth be told, that's pretty easy this year since Christopher and I are getting the same thing for a lot of my family, and I actually stumbled upon an idea for a gift for Christopher (which I obviously can't talk about, here).

We haven't decorated the house, yet, but I think that might happen this weekend. Which, when I looked at the calendar, I realized is only going to be December 1st. So I guess we're pretty much either on schedule or a little early.

So why am I feeling like I've missed something, already?

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