Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Can I Say?

I went to bed last night unsure what all was going on in the various elections.

I was mentally exhausted from the months of all of the campaigning.

I was physically exhausted because I had gotten up to see Christopher off to the polls (at 5:30) and then stayed up until he got home (at 11:30). (But... no... not even remotely as exhausted as Christopher was.)

I was hoping for the best and preparing myself for the worst.

I got up this morning and didn't really want to turn on the TV or the computer.

And then I saw it on the bottom of the screen. The news that Minnesota voters had defeated the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. (We'd also defeated the Voter ID amendment.)

I stared at the screen for probably 10 minutes, waiting for it to sink in.

The "Vote No" folks had a narrow margin, but it was a win nonetheless.

All I could think to do was say Thank You.

And thank you to all of you for reading my posts along the way and still coming back.

Here's to returning to life as "normal" sometime soon.

(Although... there will be a John Barrowman post in the near future. And that's not all that normal...)

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