Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Maybe it's because I'm gearing up to drive 5.5 hours tomorrow, without even starting to pack.

Maybe it's the fact that we got off work 2.5 hours early today, much of which time I used to go out for an early Happy Hour with Christopher and a friend of ours.

Maybe it's because I love the pumpkin pie time of year - and the thought of eating it during a four-day weekend.

Whatever the reason, I'm really kind of excited that tonight is Thanksgiving Eve.

I won't run down a litany of things I'm thankful for, but I can tell you that I'll probably be running that list in my head on the drive to South Dakota, tomorrow.

Instead, I'm simply enjoying the fact that Christopher and I spent the evening watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" while snuggling on the couch with the pup (all under a massive afghan made by my mom).

Here's to one of the few holidays that doesn't really ask us to do anything except enjoy the world around us.

May your cornucopia runneth over.
Oh. And if you're one of the crazy people who goes out shopping on Black Friday PLEASE be kind to the salespeople. If you shop on Thanksgiving (please tell me you don't), be even more kind and more appreciative of those people who are losing part of their holiday just so you can enjoy conspicuous consumption on a day that's supposed to be all about giving thanks.

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