Thursday, December 26, 2013

Brulee - the Follow-up

I think we can all agree that the Creme Brulee story from the other day kind of tops most of the odd cooking stories we've talked about, lately. So I thought I'd just put a quick post-script on it.

Here are some of the follow-up points:

1) Christopher did get some hair singed on the back of his hand and wrist. But no pain was involved.

2) Christopher's dad simply got one of those "I got to close to a fireplace" pink spots on his hand - no actual burn-type burns - he didn't even run cold water over it or anything.

3) By the time we got back out to his parents' house on Wednesday, the torch was no longer in the snow in the front yard. It may have melted its way through to China. Or it may have simply gone out and then been properly disposed of.

4) Dessert on Christmas day was a bread pudding made with applesauce in it, drizzled with a vegan caramel sauce made with coconut milk. Even with that description sounding very much not in its favor, it was quite good. (Honestly, there was no doubt about this - Christopher's sisters also know their way around the very tasty kitchen.) Although, in another time and place I might have suggested carmelizing the top with a kitchen torch. Just not this year.

5) Seriously, though, best creme brulee ever. If Christopher ever invites you to dinner and asks what you want, I strongly suggest putting that on your list of possible desserts to request.

The only problem is that there are never any leftovers.

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