Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Life is a College Load

When I was in college, and would go home to my parents' on the weekends, I would always take along any laundry I needed to do. This is something that pretty much everyone I knew did. Just one of those things about college.

Well, when I got home, I'd have a nice load of whites, and a nice load of colors. So I'd start in with doing those nice, specific loads.

But then, on Sunday morning, just before heading back to school, Mom would encourage me to throw in one last load to get everything clean that I'd worn while I was there. That was the "college load."

I don't remember when I kind of stopped having a white load. I mean... I still wear white socks and white t-shirts from time to time, but that's about it. Definitely not enough for one whole load. So now I do one "warm with non-chlorine bleach" load and one "cold with non-chlorine bleach" load. And, yes, when I'm sorting, I tend to think to myself that things are either "warm" or "cold" as I sort.

I feel like, when my life is going the way I would plan it, I'm in a "warms and colds" world. I can sort out everything that I'm doing. I can compartmentalize. And, when I come out the other side, everything looks exactly as it should.

But, lately, I seem to be in a constant college load state of being. Remember how I've been saying that I'm way behind on my Holiday prep? Well, I'm trying to get caught up. But that means that, on nights like tonight when I was actually home, I spent time prepping for tomorrow's work Christmas party/pot luck, doing actual laundry (warms and colds), making cookies, AND doing almost an hours' worth of freelancing.

On the plus side, yes, I got a decent amount of stuff done. I even had time for dinner in front of the TV. But... wow... my list is still really long.

I know that I'm totally going to look back at tonight as a successful night. But, even so, there's a part of me that wishes I had time for just a few days of "warms and colds" and didn't have to worry about constantly living a college load life.

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