Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Follow-up - Wherein I Survive

For the record, in case you were wondering, I survived Thursday and today at work.

Yes, it has been very strange adjusting to the new dynamics around the office. I've realized that we are running very short of people who have been in the company long enough to understand many of the references to former systems that I know - or the former clients that used to be household names.

I also don't have anyone with whom I can privately snark about pretty much anything. And I no longer have anyone to walk out to the parking lot with at the end of the day.

That final one - which I realize is kind of the strangest - is also the one that has been the biggest adjustment.

I realized on Thursday that the five minutes of walking from the office to the parking garage and talking about the day was really a nice thing to do. Processing it all before leaving work to come home was good.

So... I guess I'm going to have to start reworking my routines. Being more social in the office. All that stuff. Oddly enough - considering that I've been at the company for almost 5 years - it feels kind of like I'm starting out at a new school and have to figure out which clique I fit into and who will let me sit with them at lunch.

The only problem is that this time there's no lunchroom.

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