Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monday Quarterbacking on Sunday

For the first time ever, I have joined a fantasy football league. It's through my work, and I just thought it sounded like a fun thing to do.

I tried to do some research, but kind of failed at understanding that I was supposed to be looking at statistics and all sorts of information so that I could make good draft picks. Or at least I failed at understanding what kind of research I should be doing.

So I did my research and tried to figure out which players to draft. I decided to start with players from South Dakota - more specifically, from South Dakota State University, my alma mater.

Well, that netted me two current offensive NFL players. (One of whom may actually have been a last-minute cut, so I'll have to check into that in the next couple of days).

Then I needed a new tactic. At this point, I really should have started looking up stat's that were worth something, apparently. Instead, I started looking for players whose names were either a variation on Robert or on Christopher.

Remarkably, that got me most of the way through the draft, with a few diversions into last names, as well.

So I was feeling kind of happy about it, until the very nice program we are working off of posted the information stating that my team is currently projected to be in 8th place. Out of 8. With a difference of something like 1,600 points in the statistic gobbledygook.

Luckily, while being laughed at by my coworkers, I did have a couple of people say "You know that what's going to happen is that one or two weeks going to absolutely kill us all." I really hope so.

Otherwise... Well... I'm just going to chalk this season up to my learning curve and see how things go in the 2015-16 season.

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