Thursday, August 21, 2014

State Fair Time

The Minnesota State Fair started today. It runs for twelve days, ending on Labor Day.

For the past couple of weeks, people I work with have been talking about their State Fair plans. When they are going to go. What they're going to eat. How many times they'll be going back.

As of this morning, pretty much every local news show has started broadcasting from the Fair. Not just live remotes from reporters, but their whole news shows.

Social media is full of pictures of people eating and drinking and going to concerts.

And I'm happy for them. I really am. But I also really don't care.

I'm just not a State Fair person. I don't love the crowds. Most of the food doesn't appeal to me. And have I mentioned that I don't love crowds?

The first year after I moved to Minnesota I lived kind of close to the fairgrounds. Not so close that my commute was totally messed up, but close enough that I could go out and watch the post-grandstand-show fireworks. That was kind of fun - and there were no crowds.

That's my kind of fair.

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